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(in collaboration with artist Hazel Stone)

Sinegorsk was a residency undertaken at the Old Lookout Gallery in Broadstairs which was inspired by the Russian cargo vessel of the same name.  This ship hit rough waters off the coast of Newhaven, East Sussex in 2009, and the turbulent waters' impact on the Sinegorsk resulted in a 15 degree list which released tens of thousands of planks of wood off its decks.  The wood was carried in what was described as a ‘giant wood slick’, eastwards towards Broadstairs and other neighboring coastal towns.


The mass of sawn pieces of wood washed up to form giant stacks along the coast. Inspired by these temporary structures, this residency investigated the natural ‘list’ of the Old Lookout Gallery itself, exploring the sense of chaos and order created by the storm.  


Common Ground

(in collaboration with artist Hazel Stone)



In 2012, I was awarded a two week residency in Arts Council funded, temporary space ‘ROOM’ in Faversham, alongside fellow artist Hazel Stone.  Across the course of the residency we interviewed local residents and created a series of works responding to the information gathered under the banner of ‘Common Ground’.



Planet 1210, 1555 and 1212

(in association with Animate Arts)

Artist residency based in a primary school in Kent.  Inspired by the book 'The Little Prince', by Antoine de Saint Exupery, this project encouraged pupils to take inspiration from the novel and create a number of works which enabled then to transport themselves to another planet where they could immerse themselves in a fantastical world.

Lighten' Up

(in association with Chrysalis Arts)

In association with the Liverpool Housing Action Trust, the Liverpool Biennial, and Chrysalis Arts, I was employed as a public artist; involved in the creation of four, temporary, ‘live’ public art installations at four Liverpool Housing Action Trust sites at Heathgreen, Hetherlow, Sefton Park and Everton.   The main aim of the project was to work in consultation with local residents to artistically represent the transistion the residents were making from high-rise to low-rise accommodation in the area.

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